The lazy crazy days of summer have arrived

I like to shake things up and do crazy things in worship during the summer months. We had a good start yesterday on June 4, 2017. Our superb music director, Alyssa, arranged three hymns to be played by our Bottle Band. First up was “Sweet, Sweet Spirit: and it was a sweet musical treat. For the offertory the Bottle Band played the old favorite, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” As I was listening I wondered, “Is there anything that will top this?” I found out that, yes, there was. For our postlude the Bottle Band played an arrangement of “Roll Out the Barrel” as the congregation sang the words of a sacred song used in Catholic Polka Masses.

I was planning to preach a Pentecost Sunday sermon with the title, “Drunk and Disorderly” when Alyssa shared with me the hitherto unknown (to me) existence of our Bottle Band. Many of the bottles used are beer or wine bottles with a picture of the church glued over the bottle labels. I thought, “It’s perfect! Let’s go for it!”

Kudos for Alyssa and the sixteen person Bottle Band for making it happen. Click the link above to hear the Bottle Band’s postlude.