Adult Education

AEC Retreat

The Adult Education Committee is inviting all to explore creative, innovative ways to refresh the adult education program. If you have thought about teaching/leading a class, this is a great opportunity for you to learn more. ACE would appreciate your input and answer any questions you may have. Adult Christian Education at FUMCWA aims to support lifelong learning, fellowship, intellectual growth, and spiritual development. Members of all ages who are interested in strengthening the FUMCWA Adult Education Ministry are invited to join the ACE Retreat on Saturday, June 25, from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm. All are welcome to participate in planning and expanding classes that will enhance adult learning. The retreat will be held at church. Lunch will be provided. Nursery care will be available. This ACE planning retreat is an important key to the future health, growth, and vitality of FUMCWA. Please mark your calendars today and please join us and share your ideas to enhance Adult Christian Education as we seek to fulfill our purpose of making disciples for Jesus Christ.

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus – New Class April 14-May 22 9:30am Fireside Room

Video Series: Patterns of Evidence

Facilitator: Ken Ilsman

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus is a 2014 documentary film directed by Tim Mahoney. The film presents the view that the biblical story of the Exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt was a historical event that took place during the middle kingdom of Egypt. To the extend that other scholars consider the Exodus a historical even, it is usually placed later, during the kingdom of Egypt. The film describes various findings Mahoney presents as supporting his case. These include possible archaeological findings of evidence of Hebrew habitation in ancient Egypt, findings as to the timeline of the events of Exodus, and contemporary events in Egypt. It also describes existing artifacts and documents from Ancient Egypt which experts have long debated. The film features interviews with archaeologists, historians, and biblical scholars.

The video is interesting, thought-provoking, and well researched. The filmmaker presents facts from archeology and his ideas on a timeline for the Exodus. Dust off your accepted ideas about the Exodus and see how the Bible and archeology offer a fascinating theory on the Exodus.

Invitation to John. This class, taught by Tom Bolton, has been postponed until fall of 2022. Please join Tom in the fall for this class.

What Does the Bible Say? with Michael Odle.

When: 7:00 pm the second Monday of each month

Where: Zoom (Don’t worry, we will make this easy!) 

Description:  Beginning in February we are looking forward to an in-depth, faith-building study in the book of Romans. As an added bonus, we won’t even have to leave our homes to join this Zoom-based study.  Anyone can participate by using a desktop or laptop computer or a tablet or a smartphone or even a traditional land-line telephone! Simply contact Michael or the church office to let us know you want to join us and the Zoom information (and clear instructions) will be sent to you. So grab your favorite Bible and join in!