Church Events Support Team

As approved by the Committee on Nominations and the Church Council, a new TEAM has been formed since the beginning of 2023 (1) to support the work of Lance Lambert, Church Events Coordinator; (2) to assess the effectiveness of the ongoing church events; (3) to creatively explore and design new social events. The creation of this TEAM is one of the 2023 goals in the process of Health, Growth, and Vitality of FUMCWA. The Team Members are Lisa Nelson (Leader), Barb Pier, Nancy Karr, David Ziegler, Pam Freybler Johnson, Carole Schumm, Lance Lambert (staff), and Pastor Sam.

Summer of NOW Flyer

Click here to download the flyer for Summer of NOW flyer to see all the events happening this summer at FUMCWA.

June is Hot Dog Month

June is Hot Dog Month and the Events Team will be offering FREE hot dog lunches to our neighbors and passers-by every Saturday afternoon in June from 3:00-5:00 pm. We then hand off hot dog duties to the Missions Committee for July and August. Volunteers are not only welcome but needed for each Saturday as it takes 5-6 people to work each day. Please consider joining this worthwhile and important outreach ministry. Contact Lance Lambert at or by phone for information or to let me know you can volunteer for a fun and rewarding experience. Blessings!

Centenary Celebration Planning

The Centenary Celebration Planning is underway. We need your help. Please submit your story of what FUMCWA has meant to you (limit to 150 words) by the end of July. Please mail it to the church office or place it in the drop box in the narthex. We are also looking for any memorabilia or photos that relate to the history of the church building. Please keep all in an envelope and label with your name and drop off at the church office by the end of July. We will take pictures of the historical items for the Centenary Booklet and create a display of the items at the celebration. All items will be returned to you.

Training for “Effective Discipleship” Series

This training aims to have participants learn about practical tools for being and becoming effective disciples of Jesus Christ in a local church context. The first session focused on: What is discipleship? Who is a disciple? Why is discipleship a key aspect of growing in our faith? The format will include a presentation, small group discussion, and Q and A. Light refreshments will be served. This training series will continue once a quarter. 

Coffee Fellowship Changes

Coffee Fellowship will be held from 9:00-11:00 am on Sundays in the Gathering Room. Snacks will not be provided but if you choose to bring something to eat, please take home any leftovers. Hot coffee, water for tea and hot chocolate mix, and cream and sugar will be provided. We ask that the beverages be consumed in the Gathering Room and not taken into the sanctuary.