Men’s Ministry

Yard Clean Up

The Men’s Ministry is offering light yard work/clean-up to any who may need assistance on the morning of June 18. Please either contact Raymond Roberts directly with a description of the work needed or let the church office know.

All are invited to participate in the following celebrations of what history has contributed to strengthening the Men’s Ministries

  • June 18 – United Methodist Men Spring Yard Cleanup
  • August 21 – United Methodist Men Special Music
  • September 17 – United Methodist Men Appreciation Breakfast
  • November 12 – United Methodist Men Social Event

Fun Outings Planned

Tentative plans for a social event are also in the works for later this fall. Two standing suggestions that we have not fulfilled yet include: Escape House Adventure and Axe Throwing. Please let me know your thoughts on either of these activities and we will set a date soon.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Raymond Roberts