Parish Nurse

Wisdom from Nurse Pat Shapiro, Parish Nurse

Here it is September and I was certain by now our community would be mask free. I am concerned and wear my mask indoors as my second vaccine was 6 months ago. There have also been several super spreader events. Sadly, I have
heard too many stories of fully vaccinated people contracting the Delta variant. Please remain vigilant!

September is a perfect time to celebrate “Healthy Aging Month” since it is a time when many people think about getting started on new tasks after summer. The Healthy Aging Magazine offers tips for reinventing yourself:
1. Do NOT act your age, picture yourself at your best age and be it!
2. Be POSITIVE in your conversations and actions. If you catch yourself complaining, STOP and REFOCUS and CONNECT with others who are POSITIVE as well.
3. STAND and WALK tall, Keep your head up, chin tucked, shoulders back and tummy firm (I sound like my mom), FIX your stance and practice it every day.

On Sunday August 29th I started my 6 hours per week position as your independent Faith Community Nurse. I plan to be at church some Sundays, Tuesday mornings, and at Senior League meetings. Feel free to contact me through the church office at other times.