Parish Nurse

Wisdom from Nurse Pat Shapiro, Parish Nurse

Greetings! “We are living in a very challenging time in light of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. It’s important for EVERYONE, not just those at higher risk, to care for themselves by eating nutritious
foods, getting sufficient rest, performing frequent hand washing, cleaning common areas with disinfectants and observing the recommendations for “Social Distancing”. Be grateful for limited opportunities to visit, dine out and travel. These are all efforts to halt to virus. Avoid casual shopping, exercise indoors or take a walk and observe that spring is on the way. Phone or use “snail mail”, a nice card to a loved one would be a lovely gesture, in addition, spending more time with your children. I’m certain you will have a greater appreciation for their teachers. Although difficult, “Be anxious for nothing” for we go by the grace of our loving God.”