Scholarship and Endowment

56 Years of Scholarship and Endowment Committee (1966-2022)

The “first and special meeting” of FUMCWA Scholarship and Endowment Fund Inc. “was called to order in 7:30pm on October 11, 1966, by Arthur R. Ott” with seven other people in attendance for the purpose of passing the first By-Laws. The Fund was created in 1966 as a separate corporation for the benefit of and to provide scholarships for individuals entering into ministry. At the first meeting, Arthur Ott was elected President, Regional Hislop, Jr., Vick President, Jeanette Lean Secretary, and Elsie Ott, Treasurer. Additional directors included: Loraine Harsh, Irene Witte, Wesley Mueller, and Betty Anderson. We want to celebrate and thank the original directors for their wisdom and foresight in establishing the Scholarship and Endowment Corporation. We started out our 56th year with total assets of $991,688.85 and as of October 31, 2022, we had $756,901.15. Most of the decrease was in market-related losses from our investments. We provided $111,000.00 in funding for the benefit of the church and in scholarships. These included $500.00 for Vacation Bible School, five $1,000.00 High School Scholarships to the WA/WM High Schools, and six $2,000.00 Scholarships to Members of FUMCWA. The Trustees requested and received $93,500.00 for three major improvements to the church building. This included $45,400.00 for tuckpointing, $25,000.00 for the repair of the front and back steps, and $23,000.00 for the replacement of four outside doors. Like any organization older members are moving on and new younger members are volunteering to take their place. We want to thank and celebrate Becky Barrington, Michelle Fuller, and Karen Pitterle as our youngest members and Jane Henderson, Joanna Schachtely, Carole Schumm, and Linda Sather for continuing to serve. Next year, they will make history as the first all-female Board of Directors of the Scholarship and Endowment Corporation.