Scholarship and Endowment

56 Years of Scholarship and Endowment Committee (1966-2022)

The Scholarship and Endowment Fund, Inc. of the First United Methodist Church was created in 1966 as a separate corporation. The “Fund” is a nonprofitcharitable, tax-exempt corporation created solely for the benefit of First United Methodist Church, West Allis.  The funds are dedicated to the church’s future long-term growth rather than day-to-day operations. This year, in addition to providing funds for the maintenance and tuning of the organ and the maintenance of the elevator, we awarded five $1,000.00 Scholarships to graduating seniors in the WA/WM School district and six $2,000.00 Scholarships to members of FUMCWA for post-secondary education. Members of FUMCWA are eligible to receive up to five $2,000.00 scholarships for post-secondary education. We also provided $20,000.00 from the estate of Agnes Hemenway and the Affeldt Family Fund for the new projection screen in the sanctuary and additional technology improvements in the church office and sanctuary. As we celebrate 56 years of the Scholarship and Endowment Fund, Inc. this year, we will be providing additional information on the fund and how it operates to ensure the future growth of First United Methodist Church, West Allis.

All are invited to participate in the following celebrations of what history has contributed to strengthening the Scholarship and Endowment Ministry

  • August 20 – Scholarship & Endowment Reunion of Scholarship Recipients
  • October 23 – Scholarship & Endowment Function and Promotion
  • December 4 – Scholarship & Endowment Special Event