Sermon Topics

WORSHIP FOCUS: “The Discipleship Ministries”

The Discipleship Ministries – based in Nashville, Tennessee – connects United Methodists with needed re-sourcing, training, consulting, and networking opportunities. The Discipleship Ministries has begun a series called “Having Words with Jesus,” a reminder that we are being made disciples of Jesus Christ for the trans-formation of the world. Pastor Sam plans to follow this series.


  • 10/2 World Communion Sunday, Luke 17:5-10, “Rekindle the Gift”
  • 10/9 Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Luke 17:11-19, “Present Yourself to God”
  • 10/16 Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Luke 18:1-8, “Itching Ears”
  • 10/23 Stewardship Sunday, Luke 18:9-14, “Life of Generosity”
  • 10/30 Youth-led Worship, Luke 19:1-10, “House of Salvation”
  • 11/6 All Saints Sunday, Luke 20:27-38, “God of the Faithful”