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The Philip and Timothy Stains Memorial Children’s Home

The Philip and Timothy Stains Memorial Children’s Home provides food, shelter, clothing, and support to 13 grown-up orphans and young adult tribal students who are in college now. The Indian national government is not currently allowing them to have minor children at the home. David Gnaniah, the founder-director, applies each year to have minor children from the tribal communities again, but the government is not giving approval.  We can pray that they get to serve children again because there is a great need.  David also leads a group of missionaries in three tribal communities. Karen Jesse has taught English there as a missionary. Pastor Sam and Shanti have visited The Home and The School several times through Volunteer-in-Mission Teams. Many of our church members have sponsored the children. FUMCWA has been a partner in mission with The Home and The School. Currently, we are supporting adult college-age students and the extensive VBS program in the tribal areas.

Simple Hope
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Simple Hope is a Christian organization, working together with all people and faiths to build community and provide hope to those who are compromised in rural Tanzania, Africa. The direct mission of Simple Hope is to empower lives through faith, nutritious food, clean water and education of sustainable processes.

Paul Webster

Paul Webster is a covenant missionary for First United Methodist Church. Paul has spent years in Zambia creating a workable, sustainable agriculture and teaching Zambians to make it their own.

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Paul Webster