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Phase One Re-entry to Our Church

Click here for FQA regarding Phase ONE re-entry to our church. Phase One will be A Great Thanksgiving Service or Holy Communion Service, beginning from May 31, 2020 and each Sunday thru June 28, 2020 in the Parking Lot. Should you want to participate in taking Holy Communion on any of these Sundays, please click here and fill out this form .

Blessings of good health and strength.

We are calling on some Second Saturday Servants to make breakfast casseroles again for June 13.  Tom Bolton will take the casseroles from First Church to Morning Glory.  Then a couple volunteers will work in the kitchen there, putting servings in to-go boxes, and then runners from Casa De Gracia will take serving to guests outside the church.

We are looking for 8 breakfast casseroles, to be delivered to First Church parking lot by 7:30 am on Saturday, June 13.  Also, we would like some bag lunches for children.  If we can get a couple people to scoop up the servings, let Tom Bolton know.  

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