Sermon Topics


    • May 26 Trinity Sunday (Memorial Day) – 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
      Hymn: UMH # 336 “Of All the Spirit’s Gifts to Me”
      “The Whole Is Greater”
      The Holy Spirit is the element of the Trinity which, though “unseen”, is experienced most powerfully through the expression of It’s gifts in our lives.
    • June 2 – Communion Sunday – Mark 8:1-9
      “Let’s Picnic”
      The Gospels suggest that Jesus was quite fond of eating, especially with others. What does his
      “preoccupation” / “occupation” with food reveal to us about spirituality?
    • June 9 – “Baseball” Sunday (folks should wear something supporting their favorite team) –  Philippians 2:1-5
      “Playing Ball”
      “America’s Game” offers a theology of cooperation, humility, and perseverance. Step up to the plate and take a swing at baseball’s deeper message.
    • June 16 – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – Text: 1 John 2:6
      “Take a Hike”
      We usually take the process of walking for granted. It is, however, a rather complex activity that offers insight into our relationship with Christ.
    • June 23 – Eden Aubrie Bolton Baptism – Matthew 28:16-20 (The Great Commission)
      “As You Wish”
      We will be celebrating a baptism this Sunday offering us an opportunity to consider our own baptisms as well.
    • June 30 – Final Sunday – Acts 9:1-9
      “On the Road”
      We have been traveling “Holy Roads” together here at First UMC for the last 6 months, connecting, supporting, and changing one another. But, the faith journey is not about resting too long in one place. It is about living on the “road”.