Visitation & Senior League

Senior League

We have a variety of programs planned for Senior League this summertime, so don’t stay away! In June, July, and August, you will find drama, music, science, and a zoo program. You can also count on the fantastic lunches made by our chefs Cheryl and Serena for $10.00. Come and bring a friend.
Join us for Fun, Food, and Fellowship in our 49th Year with Senior League in 2024!

Meetings in July 2024:

July 3 – 12 Noon: Brats, Burgers, Pasta Salad, Chips and Ice Cream Cones
Program: Milwaukee County Zoo Program
Devotions: Val Holzman

July 17 – 12 Noon: Variety of Pizzas
Program: Science Support by Scripture; by Chris Hathaway
Devotions: Sylvia Cody

Visitation Ministry

Blessed be our Homebound Visitation Members of The First United Methodist Church of West Allis! Fourteen Christmas Tote Bags filled with cookies and ornaments were distributed to our members before Christmas. I thank my elves Bridget Winston and Ruth Ann Werner for making Christmas ornaments and Jean Molitor for making Christmas cookies. Thanks be to God! Blessed be our Visitation members, our Visitation Christmas tote bags filled this year with cookies, a handmade Christmas angel ornament, a prayer shawl, and a standing nativity scene. We had 10 members on our list this year that were delivered by our team. Special thanks to Jean Molitor for making the homemade cookies, to Bridget Winston for making the handmade angel ornaments, and to Ruth Ann Werner for making the lovely prayer shawls.

Our visitation team is made up of staff and church members who regularly visit our home bound members.  Home bound members of FUMCWA reside in care centers or in their own homes.  When the visits are made to the home bound members they feel connected to the church and therefore belong to a special community, the FUMCWA.  

During the holiday season, Christmas and Easter, a special gift is assembled by volunteers to be delivered by the visitation team.  These gifts are received with happiness and joy. 

The home bound are very thankful for these visits.