Food Pantry

Hours 2:30-4:30 – Wednesday April 24

The Food Pantry is asking for your help! Each month, we will be suggesting two items that are most needed for our families seeking assistance. April items are Catsup and Dish Detergent. If you are able to provide any of these items, we would be very grateful. ANY non- perishable food, personal care item, or monetary gift that is donated is greatly appreciated and will help us to continue this great mission of First Church. Place items in the Mission Corner located in the Narthex. 

The food pantry volunteers would like to thank all of those who are contributing to the Good Samaritan Fund, which is for the food pantry. This money will help us continue providing food and personal care items for those struggling to make ends meet. We continue to have an average of about 43 West Allis families each time. We accept any nonperishable food item and any personal care or household cleaning product that you would like to bring.  Many of the items we suggest are available at the Dollar Stores. Entrance is through the elevator door and down to Fellowship Hall. We have a wonderful group of volunteers and we hope that we can continue doing this for many years to come. 

As many of you know, our food pantry has been in existence for many years. In 2006, the food pantry as we know it today began with regular hours on specific days. It has relied on funding from the congregation as well as from donations from anonymous giving. It is a mission of our church and not connected with any other outside organization. Our families enter using the elevator entrance. About 14 years ago, an anonymous giver donated a large sum of money which has sustained us for many years. We are now concerned that we may not be able to continue this mission after the next year unless we get some much-needed funds.
The need of so many struggling families and single people needing that extra assistance to get them through the month is concerning. Our families receive 2 bags of pre-packaged food, and also select 2 food items of their choosing, 2 personal care items, hot dogs, cheese, and bread. They are so appreciative of the many items of food and personal care products that they can select from. Our food pantry team not only helps these people with food and personal care items, but they listen to their stories and concerns and give encouragement, and also include them in their prayers. After the food pantry, we feel blessed by those we have met and feel as though they enrich our lives as well. We have been so grateful for the donations of personal care products that the Ilseman’s daughter, Joan Lee, graciously gives to the food pantry through couponing. Karen Bolton has also been helping us by picking up bread which is donated to food pantries in need.
The cost for the year to supply food runs about $12,000.00. Please note the expiration date on food items. If you wish to support us through your monetary giving, please mark your check or envelope with Food Pantry. You can also call the church office to find out how you can give online. Thank you to all who have been helping support us. We are truly blessed by such a loving church community. If you have any questions about our food pantry, please contact Annette Intravaia, coordinator, or contact the church office.

Thank you to this great congregation for all your love and support. You are a real blessing!!