We Must Continue to Learn

When we hear about “Christian education,” we often think first about schooling that seeks to operate according to biblical principles. Perhaps we think of Christian private schools or homeschooling or Sunday School. We think of desks and homework and assignments and teachers. I have been reviewing my classes on how to be a better Sunday School teacher, and I want to share a few points for each of us. I am particularly remembering that Bible Study is not just for children; it is important for every adult, too.
Have you ever considered, for example, that Jesus’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is a charter for Christian education? Precisely because Jesus has been invested with “all authority in heaven and on earth,” he can command his followers to “go and make disciples of all nations.” We do this, Jesus tells us, by doing two things: (1) after they repent of their sins and trust in him, we baptize them in the name of the Trinity, and then (2) we teach them to observe all that he commanded us. We can do this with confidence because Christ himself will be with us always, even to the end of the age. Christian education is as big as God and his revelation. This is why we offer a variety of classes for all ages and with a variety of styles and topics. If you would like something more or different, please let me know, or any member of the Adult Education Committee.

1. True Christian education involves loving and edifying instruction, grounded in God’s gracious revelation, mediated through the work of Christ, and applied through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, that labors to honor and glorify the triune God.
2. Christian education is important for each of us each day. John Wesley promoted regular Bible Study and classes. “All scripture is inspired of God -The Spirit of God not only once inspired those who wrote it, but continually inspires, supernaturally assists, those that read it with earnest prayer. Hence, it is so profitable for doctrine, for instruction of the ignorant, for the reproof or conviction of them that are in error or sin, for the correction or amendment of whatever is amiss, and for instructing or training up the children of God in all righteousness.”–from Explanatory Notes Upon the New Testament: “2 Timothy 3:16.”
3. Also, Christian education recognizes the insufficiency of merely receiving, retaining, and relaying factual knowledge (1Corinthians 8:1) (Matthew 7: 21-23) but insists that our knowledge must be relational and covenantal (1Corinthians 13:12) such that our study results in delight (Psalm 37:4; 111:2), practice (Ezra 7:10), obedience (Romans 1:5), and the further disciplining and teaching of others (Matthew 9: 19-20, 2 Timothy 2:2).

We take breaks from some classes in the Summer, but we offer some special ones. Please seek out classes from our Pastor, Bonnie Chesky, Tom Bolton, Michael Odle, Nancy Lanman, Laura Grabowski, and others as often as you can. I am working with Leadership Development to offer some classes this summer on the various committees at First Church so that you may better understand how you may fit in and “which committee does what.”

Bless each of you as you learn to be Disciples.

Tom Bolton – Lay Leader