Adult Christian Education Invitation from Tom Bolton

First Church offers a lot of Christian Education opportunities—more than any church I know actually. Maybe the offerings overwhelm some people (see the Adult Christian Education pdf). I want to encourage more people to try a class or two. You will grow and your spiritual health will be enhanced with each class in which you participate. John Wesley recognized Christian Education as an important discipline, and I have learned over the years how true he spoke. We have several Sunday morning classes in a variety of formats much of the year. We have a monthly Bible study most of the year on Mondays, and Pastor Sam teaches classes on Wednesday during the day, repeated on Zoom Thursday nights. Periodically we also have special and seasonal classes. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to participate. You will be treated respectfully in the classes and your contributions will probably help someone else too. Most often the readings are easy enough and definitely enriching. Some of us even use videos in our classes. Usually I teach a Disciple Bible study class. For me Disciple Bible study was life changing. It led me to discipleship. I would love to see everyone participate in at least one Disciple Bible study. We hope to see some new people in our classes this year. Join us. You’ll be glad you did!