New Disciple I Class for Adults

Tom Bolton is offering a study of the Disciple I course, starting May 13, in the Confirmation Room. Each chapter will be spread over two weeks, during the one hour Sunday School time. The class will last for approximately 68 weeks, and will meet weekly, except during holiday weekends. “We meet in the summers to keep the continuity and growth,” Tom says. There is about one hour of reading and journaling each week between classes. The course provides a solid introduction to all the books of the Bible.

The class will only be offered if 6 or more people sign up to join the class.

Please see Tom Bolton, or call him at 414-704-5478 to ask any questions.

Potential students should stop by the Confirmation Room on May 6, at 9:30, to get a book and additional information.

Children and Youth Education

Nursery Care

Professional nursery care with an age-appropriate introduction to faith development is provided in a safe and nurturing environment. Our Nursery Director and staff welcome you!

Infant – 4 years old

Every Sunday, 7:45am – 12:15 pm
Located on the Main Level (see an usher for assistance)
Directed by Jon Kinney

September 10, 2017 – May 20, 2018

 Sunday School (9:15-10:40am)



3K-5K (Cokesbury Room) Teachers: Betty Grypp, Michelle Fuller, Lara Burke, Chris Jolitz

1st-3rd Grades/4th-5th Grades (Albright Room) Teachers: Dorothy Meyer, Deb Semrad

MUSIC: Laurie Halvorsen

Children will make Bible stories, Bible people, and Bible passages a part of their lives. They will also come to know the Bible as THEIR book and find ways to let the Bible speak to them today!

Deep Blue incorporates age appropriate Bible stories, arts and crafts, music, animated video storytelling, and active games into a living-faith experience that will help children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ today!

The Deep Blue Kids will lead the children through the Bible using animated videos that tell the story and encourage the children to “dive deeper” into the Bible and explore their faith.

Spring 2018

UNIT 1: People Welcome Jesus (Mark 11:1-11)

UNIT 2: The Tomb Is Empty (Luke 24:1-12)

UNIT 3: Paul Changes (Acts 9:1-19)

submerge Ages 11+


Grade 6 – Grade 12  (Wesley Room) Teachers: Kari Andrews, Lance Lambert

A one-year Bible study that emphasizes nurturing faithful relationships while engaging teens in fun and engaging activities that will get the teens involved, thinking and talking.

Spring 2018

UNIT 1: Dive Deeper Into…the Season of Lent

  • Session 1: Sharing Communion (The Last Supper)
  • Session 2: Prayer (Jesus in Prayer)
  • Session 3: Suffering (Jesus’ Betrayal, Arrest, and Trial)
  • Session 4: Death (Jesus’ Death)

UNIT 2: Dive Deeper Into…the Easter Season

  • Session 5: Resurrection (Jesus’ Resurrection)
  • Session 6: Encountering Jesus (The Road to Emmaus) Session
  • 7: Trust (Jesus and the Disciples)
  • Session 8: Waiting (The Ascension)
  • Session 9: The Holy Spirit (Pentecost)

UNIT 3: Dive Deeper Into…the Book of Acts

  • Session 10: Everyone Contributing (The Seven Deacons)
  • Session 11: Conversion (Paul’s Conversion)
  • Session 12: Proclaiming (Paul and Barnabas)
  • Session 13: Staying the Course (Paul and Silas

Adult Christian Education Opportunities (September 2017 – May 2018)

Sunday Groups

Adult Discussion Group

Sunday at 9:30 am- Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Jerry Semrad and Participants
Studying topics of mutual interest.

Adult Interest Group

Sunday at 9:30 am- Fireside Room
Leader: Ken Ilseman
Come Join us as we study

Living Your Faith

Sunday at 9:30 am – Lighthouse Room
Leader: Pam Carlson-Gohil
In church we learn the life of Jesus and the message He brought to the people about living life as God would have us. That was 2,000 years ago; the culture was vastly different. How do these “rules” impact our lives today? Let’s talk!

Adult Education Opportunities during the week

What Does the Bible Say?

7:00pm, Second Monday of the Month (September through May in the Fireside Room
Did you ever read something in the Bible and wonder what it really means? Are you longing to look more deeply into the Scripture? Then this is the group for you. We welcome you to join our on-going study in the New Testament. Where will we go after that? It could be an in-depth look at another book of the Bible, or it could be to explore a specific question about something in the Bible you’ve wondered about. You decide!

What we discover may surprise you, so grab your Bible and come join us!