Food Pantry

Thank you for all of the large paper bags with handles. We can still use more and also the small red Sendik’s bags are needed. We also thank you for the donations of food and personal care products. Our guests enjoy being able to choose extra food items that are not included in the bags that are prepared for them. Any food items are accepted. If donating food from your home, please check the food dates to ensure it is not expired. Personal care products are also appreciated, especially for men. Our team of Food Pantry volunteers includes Annette Intravaia, Karen Connell, Jenny Rutter, Julie Bryson, Carole & Wayne Schumm, Bonnie Chesky, Scott Olson, Dennis & Joan Thomae, Dave & Oksana Carlson, Joanna Schachtely, Dorothy Thoms, Carol Ward, Karen Bolton who brings our bread, and donations of personal care products through couponing from the Ilseman’s daughter, Joan. Laurel Grulke from the West Allis School District and three young adults fill the bags during the school year. This is a great team and all are blessed each time they work together for this wonderful mission.